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Frederick Hoarding Job Progress

If you follow my Facebook page ( if not, what are you waiting for??? lol), you have seen me posting updates on a Hoarder's house in Frederick that I have been working at. Until yesterday, the progress you have seen, has been with only getting rid of actual trash and recycling. I was able, by organizing and condensing things, to make a HUGE difference without purging yet. You can now walk from the living room to the dining room where before there wasn't even a path. This is a unique situation, where the client had passed, so I had been working with a family member of the person who inherited the house. I have yet to meet the person inheriting the house so no decisions have been made on what is staying or going. Yesterday we did get some answers on some of the clothing!!!! I think about 8 small garbage bags of clothing was donated so that gave me some extra space. Since a lot of stuff is going to be auctioned or donated, I am starting to put those items into boxes. They have to be easy to view inside so when the decision maker comes she can make decisions fast and easy. If you see bins or boxes around the house, they are ones I made for categories like: new batteries, new combs, used combs, pocket knives, eyeglasses (they are being donated once I gathered all of them to the Lions Club), and so forth. Things I think will be definite keep, I started putting in plastic bins to be stored until the person either moves in, rents the house, or sells the house. Here are Progress pics of the Master Bedroom, I am hoping soon to post more of the house. I already posted Progress Pics of the Bathroom and Kitchen to show you how things are going as I get through this house. We also finally got a Locksmith this week and got into the lower workshop to find a TON of tools! Can't wait to see the end results, its been so much fun discovering everything and seeing the changes.

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