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Shed Organization: Stage 1

On friday, I started a shed for a client. She couldn't move around in there and had tons of items in her home and in the yard that also needed to go in there. With the limited time, I had for the job on that day: I had to do what I call Stage 1 organization or as my one video refers to it as: A lick and a promise. What is stage 1 you may ask? It's where you get as much as you can get done to get the space functional. If you OCD and make everything perfect as you go, the space ends up being still not functional and then still can't find items. When Stage 1 is done: the client will be able to find everything and can, if they want, super organize areas easily. Most clients just have me come back to finish. Here are the pics of my Stage 1 Shed friday job. The one collage shows the beginning pic and then some of the items I added to the space from other locations. So not only is the space useable and organized, I ADDED more items to the space.

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