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Services MarQc Offers :  

There are so many spaces I can organize and services I can offer that I can't list everything. If you need help with something not described, contact me to see if I can help.

Spaces I can organize:

+ Playrooms, toy bins and stuffed animal breeding grounds!
+ Kid Rooms and closets of out-grown clothing!
+ Kitchen pantries, cabinets, drawers and refrigerators!
+ Home offices, business offices, bill bins, forms and documents!
+ Attics, garages, and basements!

organized paperwork
closet organization
laundry help
moving packing help


Some Of The Services MarQc Offers:

* Clean out refrigerators and freezers.

* Organize kitchen cabinets and drawers. Do you have 2 or 3 opened containers of the same thing because you can't see what you have?

* Set up files for mail, bills, documents and school papers.

* Arrange children's rooms -- my favorite! I will categorize their room and play area so that putting their toys away is no-hassle.

* Rid bathrooms of expired medicine and cosmetic products.

* Create a home for everything! With a little rearranging, your junk drawers will be a thing of the past!

* Organize your closets and get clothes all put away! I even can help get you caught up on your laundry.

* Local donations drop offs.

* ADHD Organization

* Event planning and help during the event. Wouldn t it be nice to have someone else running around, making sure stuff is done? Then you can enjoy the party too.

* Continued clutter management and routine maintenance.


*Selling your home? I can help get it ready to sell!


* Plan a move. Packing and unpacking while having a plan to make it happen smoothly. 


* Help with Hoarding. I have had great success with helping Hoarders change their spaces and their lives. I won't throw anything away without you agreeing to it. 


* Speaking Engagements: Have a class or speaking engagement totally catered to the subjects you want to address. 


* Business Brain Storming: Want to build your business? Need fresh new ideas to expand or add services? I can help come up with goals and a step by step plan to achieve your goals. 

* Other clutter challenges? Services customized to meet your individual needs! Email me, I can help!

Lets get rid of the clutter and simplify your life!
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