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Some Pics From Previous Jobs 

Here are some pictures to show you a small selection of previous work I have accomplished for clients . I have WAY more before/after pictures on my Organizer Jen Page. Click on link, to the right, to be directed to it!

 2 girl bedrooms from same house

These are pics from my first job I ever did for a private home. The family was an extremely busy family and the 2 girl's bedrooms just needed caught up for them to manage. The family wasn't home when I organized so I left notes and piles for them to sort. A lot of stuff from the older girl's room was now going to the younger girl's room. The family was amazing and did all their homework and then some( A very RARE occurrence I found out later. Most clients ask for homework but don't get to it). Some pics have been cropped to protect the identify of the girl's.

Hoarding: Kitchen



This is a kitchen from a house that I did a lot of rooms in. I was able to sort through most of it and get my client to decide on what to keep on a lot when he was up for it He had a hard time letting things go so I had to try to use a lot of the stuff he wanted to keep throughout the house. Client was easily overwhelmed with the house so I made best decorating choices I could make with having to keep a large amount of decor that he wanted. 

Hoarding: Dining Room/Office



This is the rest of the hoarder house from above kitchen pics. The client actually had me open up 5 years of mail, including junk mail. I then had to sort 20 years of paperwork in his dining room and condense it. The living room and bedroom I was able to rearrange and use decor from all over to stage them. The client really had a hard time letting anything go so I did my best to use everything around the house. 

2 Kid bedrooms + bathroom

These are from one client's home where I helped organized their son's bedroom, daughter's bedroom and bathroom. Client helped in daughter's room to let me know what clothes were clean or dirty. I was able to complete both kid rooms in 4 hours.  

Hoarding: Entertainment Room

A landlord hired me to clean out this room. Client only hired me to sort all the stuff in the room and clear it out. They have the same goal as my business with recycling as much as possible, so I ended up taking 80 BIG garbage bags of ice tea jugs to the local recycling plant. The rest of the trash was bagged up and thrown away. I would have also cleaned if that was what client wanted but this client's main goal was clearing room of everything. 

Staging for Home Sale

I was hired to help get rid of the clutter so the house could be placed on the market to sell. I can't take credit for the decorating because the client did all that after I left. It was funny because as we decluttered the house I was finding all kinds of empty alcohol bottles. She kept saying, " I swear we aren't alcoholics, it for a decorating project". Then we would find more and more of it. Glad she finally got around to using all the bottles as planned

12 Hours Budget Job



These pictures are to show you the progress I can make in 12 hours. I came 3 times in 4 hour shifts in a period of a couple of weeks. These pictures of before and after pics from the 12 hours I worked in the home. There was more to do but homeowner only had a budget to do 12 hours so I really tried to get as much done as possible!



Playroom I organized 11/2/18:


* Client wasn’t there at all to purge or make decisions so this room will look even better once that’s done


* I actually added more toys into the space that I found in the kids’ bedroom. That is what the pic of Lincoln logs and garbage bag is.


* To make it more visually appealing- I shopped around the house and found matching big blue tubs and big blue buckets to use as storage


* Gave client ideas for toy storage. Then if she wants to buy new storage, she knows what will work best. The tubs are so bulky that something like an IKEA cube storage unit would be more visually appealing and will take up way less space.


* Also with the IKEA cube storage units- when your kids outgrow their toys, there are so many other uses for it.

Meditation Room 3 1/2 hour Makeover!!!

* You couldn’t even walk into this room. I had 3 1/2 hours left at my client’s house and I asked if I could dig into this room. From what I could see in the room, I thought I could make a BIG difference in that time period. Originally wasn’t going to take pics. I didn’t think it would be a great transformation since it appeared to be mostly storage stuff and all staying in the space.


* She mentioned she wanted to clear it out more so she could meditate in the room. I dug in and got inspired by the things I was finding. I totally rethought the space and made it have a PURPOSE. This is one of my top favorite transformations. I kept going into the space, after I was done, because it was so relaxing in there.


* Since I was trying to get as much done in the 3 1/2 hours I had left in clients’s home- we didn’t have time to hang photos and wall art. I sat them along the wall where I thought everything should go so client could easily get it all hung.


* I was digging a lime green theme so I went around the house searching for more lime green items. Everything you see in pics is what client already had in home.


* I created a music area and workout zone. * The shelving is food storage, party/entertaining supplies, and camping gear storage.


* I even use the wooden corner unit to hide toys for young visitors.

3 Bay Garage + Storage Area

This was all done only using what the client already had to organize. A lot of bins didn't have lids (believed me, I had them searching the house for them). I was constantly swamping bins when some items were too big for the original one I had designated for it.


* Previously they had an issue with mice damage in the storage area so I had to make sure anything fabric or food related for camping, was definitely in a bin that could be secured with a lid.


* I tried to get as many items off the floor as possible by looking for any hooks or items I could use to hang it all.


* Clients wanted to keep the coolers stacked because that was what easiest for them to access them. I recommended them to be put in the storage room off the garage

Guest Room Makeover

This room was the one room a new client was overwhelmed with.


* It had unpacked boxes & bins from a move. It also was the room she through stuff in that didn't have a place.


* This room isn't even done yet. The stuff on the shelving unit is neatly sorted & labeled so, once she makes room for where the stuff actually belongs, she will be able to easily put it away. This is just a temporary solution so that she can find stuff if she needs it & to make it a snap for her to take care of on her own.


* She worked hard & got rid of 2 big boxes of stuff.


* So glad that after our very FIRST 4 1/2 hour session she was happy! She now can have guests over & already sent a pic to a friend that has been bugging to visit.

Stage 1 Jobs:

I like to show what I can do in just the first session or when I am hired just for a small amount of time. I called these Stage 1. You are getting the space as livable as possible. Then can go back and make it pretty and final.

4 Hour Session

I was hired to get as much done as I could in 4 hours. So these pics are from the 1st 4 hour session I did. We did as much as we could to get the 3 rooms livable in the 4 hours.


The Master Bedroom was the last room we attempted to clear out, you can see there was a lot more work to be done.


This is what I am always telling clients: you want to get as much big things done FIRST, then you can go back and super clean/organize it.


I could have spent 4 hours in the living room and made it perfect OR I could have gotten most of the house gone through. I think its important to go through as much house as possible because you want the person to be able to live comfortably in their house. Plus I always find more of something somewhere else in the house. 

Stage 1 Playroom

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